Proof of Renewable Electricity Production (PREP) Chain:
Brightly Blowing Beyond Bitcoin

Now in development, the PREP Chain is a blockchain technology and EVM-compatible smart contracts platform that directly incentivizes production of electricity through selected renewable sources as an alternative to other consensus protocols, especially the widely used Proof of Work protocol which directly incentivizes consumption of electricity. For an executive summary, click here.

The PREP consensus protocol maintains the importance of making mining capabilities costly and noticeable while eliminating most of the electricity consumption associated with proof of work and avoiding centralizing forces found in that and other consensus protocols.

The electricity produced can then be used for any other purpose that the owner/operator of the generation equipment chooses, including sale to a grid. Any benefits received from participation in PREP are intended to accrue in addition to all other incentives for renewable electricity production, further incentivizing adoption of the technology. This provides for quality local jobs, healthier people, animals, crops, and ecosystems, and a more habitable planet for a longer term. PREP also incentivizes development and design choices that maximize production rather than cost.

PREP will help unlock the potential of distributed applications focused on sustainablity impacts such as carbon credit trading and sustainable supply chain track-and-trace, in addition to providing a good-conscious choice for a very wide variety of other decentralized applications which may exist on other blockchains today.

If you own a solar array with Enphase inverters which makes production data available through the Enlighten API and would like to volunteer access to this data to aid in the development of the project, please click here and grant access. You will be returned to this site to optionally provide other information including an e-mail address.

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If you would like to support the project financially, please click here to support us on Giveth!
You can also provide support through the traditional financial system through Sigma Resources, LLC, a certified minority woman-owned small business leading technical development.
At present, direct donations are not tax-deductible under the charitable donation provisions of US tax law.
If this is important to you, please consult a tax advisor and/or a favorite local nonprofit with an aligned mission who may be willing to facilitate a donation via mission-aligned grantmaking.

If you would like to support the project with your time and talents, partnership with your organization, or connections to other relevant work, please send us a note.

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